August 4th 2011


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Salt and Honey by Candi Miller

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1958, Southwest Africa. Etienne Marais has planned a hunting trip in the veld. Their prey – Bushmen. When the party picks up a trail it leads to a San family fleeing through the scrubland. Etienne is wounded in the shooting of the two parents, and their terrified child is dragged home with the group to ensure her silence. While Etienne’s wife panics about his worsening condition, Marta, his sister-in-law, slips away with the orphaned girl.

Breaking apartheid law, Marta raises Koba as her own. Under her tutelage Koba is quick to learn ‘white’ ways in the tiny schoolroom on the family farm.

A playful teenage friendship develops between Marta’s son, Mannie, and Koba as they trade each other‘s different experiences – jive dancing for bushcraft, salt for honey. But, caught somewhere between the two worlds, Koba is in more danger than she could ever have imagined.

Barbara Trapido

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