The Tindal Street Press office in Birmingham closes on 31 October 2012

Luke Brown is continuing to work on Wednesdays and Thursdays from Profile’s office in London and his email remains the same.

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  1. A really good web-site. But you don't say on it (that I could discover) how to order direct from you any of the books. I'd love to read Girl in a Blue Dress - but do I have to go to my local Waterstones? I'm sure your authors would like web browsers to be able to order direct from you - striking while the iron is hot (by the time I get to Waterstones I might be seduced into buying something else!)

    Philip Francis Latham — 15th December 2009

  2. Hi Philip, Girl in a Blue Dress is definitely one of my favourites - you've picked a good one! You can order through the website via our Amazon store, which you'll find by going to the Girl in a Blue Dress page and clicking the 'buy' button. However if you don't wish to purchase via Amazon, you are very welcome to order directly from us either by sending a cheque to the address above, or by emailing Emmaline on admin [at], who will then get back to you to arrange payment. Hope this helps, and that you've not already been seduced by another book! Very best, Gabrielle

    Gabrielle - Editorial Assistant at Tindal Street — 21st December 2009

  3. Is there a reason why your books aren't available on the kindle?

    keith — 28th September 2010

  4. We're working on it, Keith! We hope to have e-books available for the Kindle, on iBooks and other online outlets in the very near future. We'll certainly keep you updated through the site. Best wishes Rikhi

    Rikhi Ubhi - Publicity and Marketing Assistant — 7th October 2010

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