We are sorry to say that Tindal Street Press can no longer consider manuscripts for publication.

Tindal Street Press has achieved renown for encouraging and developing new writers. We hope aspiring writers will enjoy and learn from our series of creative writing masterclasses written by our published authors.

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Tindal Street Press Writing Masterclasses

What’s the best advice for a writer of stories? Learn from the acknowledged masters of the form – look closely at their technique and improve your own craft. This is the philosophy that Tindal Street have carried through to their masterclasses. As a taster of what you can enjoy on our courses, we have compiled twelve articles for you to download. Publishing Director Alan Mahar commissioned authors to choose their favourite master of the short story form and offer practical writing advice for fiction writers. The authors of the articles – and the writers that they have chosen – are as follows:

1. Alan Mahar – Eudora Welty – ‘Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open’
2. Alan Beard – William Trevor – ‘Be Indirect’
3. Jackie Gay – E. Annie Proulx – ‘Be Inspired’
4. Joel Lane – J. G. Ballard – ‘Use Your Characters’
5. Helen Cross – Emily Perkins – ‘Be Fearless’
6. Julia Bell – Raymond Carver – ‘Showing, Not Telling’
7. Alan Mahar – John Cheever – ‘Build Tension’
8. David Gaffney – Etgar Keret – ‘Be Short’
9. Paul McDonald – James Thurber – ‘Be Funny’
10. Gaynor Arnold – Alice Munro – ‘Observe Closely’
11. Alan Mahar – Cynthia Ozick – ‘Use Simple Language’
12. Josie Barnard – Joseph Conrad – ‘Know Your Setting’

You can download all masterclass articles from the right hand column, under ‘Downloads’.