September 1st 2011

Kalahari Passage by Candi Miller

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A very strong and admirable novel: Candi Miller has given voice to a people hunted and harried to near-extinction

Christopher Hope

Orphaned as a young child, Koba, a San bushman, has lived most of her life as the adopted daughter of a white farming family. But when her love affair with their son, Mannie, is discovered, Koba is arrested and sent for repatriation to the lands of the Kalahari Desert.

When her corrupt police guard hands her over to predator André Marais, a vindictive Boer who murdered her parents and is intent on killing her too, Koba knows she must escape and flee across the barren South West African sandveld.

To survive she uses all she remembers of her San hunter wiles to find her nomadic tribe. But will she stay alive long enough to succeed after years of living among whites?

Meanwhile, Mannie has set out to rendezvous with Koba, hitch-hiking across southern Africa to find her. But who will get there first – her lover or her pursuer?

Miller’s powerful and evocative tale of displacement, love and longing has many wonderful details and moments of real magic. I was entranced

Amanda Smyth

The storming sequel to Salt & Honey, with a cast of characters to make you care, set in a superb evocation of time and place

Rachel Holmes, author of The Hottentot Venus

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