June 7th 2012
240 pages

Kalahari Passage (paperback) by Candi Miller

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It is 1964 in apartheid South Africa and Koba, a beautiful young San girl, has been caught in bed with Mannie, a white boy. She has been arrested and sent for repatriation back to her childhood homeland, the Kalahari Desert. But the men driving the young prisoner across southern Africa subject her to torturous treatment and Koba knows they aren’t planning on delivering her alive.

When a chance to escape arises, Koba flees into the desert trusting the bush skills she learnt as a child will help her find refuge and a way back to Mannie.

A finely drawn portrait of a disappearing world . . . humane and exciting


A fine book . . . beautiful and gripping


A tracker tale in the great tradition of African adventure hunts; with a twist – hunted and hunter are humans

Rachel Holmes, author of The Hottentot Venus

A very strong and admirable novel; Miller gives voice to a people hunted and harried to near extinction

Christopher Hope

I was entranced. Miller writes so well about the land, the bushmen, the pain of living in apartheid South Africa. I fell in love with Koba; the more I read, the quicker I turned the pages

Amanda Smyth

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