June 6th 2013
Demy Octavo

Mouse and the Cossacks by Paul Wilson

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Mouse de Bruin is under siege. Without a voice since the age of six, she is trying to work things out about the world – like where all the words go to that don`t get spoken, and whether it`s okay to send texts to people she has never met.
She and her mother have moved into a rented Pennine farmhouse in which reminders of the man who lived there previously, William Crosby, lie all around her. Fighting to hold the outside world at bay, Mouse becomes increasingly drawn to William, a man who it seems was haunted by a series of absences throughout the long life he spent in this house.
As Mouse`s investigations lead her towards some of the people who knew him, she unearths a collection of letters despatched by William over several decades which focus on his experience in Europe as a young officer in the chaotic final weeks of World War II. But why, as Mouse begins to uncover the mysteries of William`s past, is she so keen to eliminate all traces of her own former life?
This is the story of two people, one setting out in life, the other nearing its end, of the people whose lives and dreams overlap with theirs, and the legacy that can sometimes be left by mistakes, misjudgements and betrayals.

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