February 9th 2012

The Visiting Angel (paperback) by Paul Wilson

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It is such a compassionate book. Wilson takes the kind of lives the world considers failures and portrays them in all their complexity, and we are left with a sense of each individual walking their own high-wire through life

Carol Birch

Keeps you surprised from start to finish . . . Wilson is a great writer

Catherine O’Flynn

A deeply impressive novel . . . At once surprising, thematically rich and often very moving


A complex and exciting work of fiction that moves to a terrific climax


An affecting and humane tale of atonement in a troubled society


A fascinating and compassionate novel

The Times

Barefoot, a black overcoat slung over his shoulders, his pockets full of peanuts for his cat, Saul has trouble persuading people he’s an angel.

But Saul does have an angelic mission: a list of people he needs to help on earth before he can leave. And the people he visits are startled by how he can see through to their secrets.

Sarah, a dedicated nurse, drives through the city at night to escape a loveless marriage and the memories of a lost child. Tusa, a devoted mother, has fled Angola and now faces a terrible choice. Patrick, a care worker who runs a halfway house, is fighting to protect one of his residents accused of abducting a child. But he is still haunted by a crime from his own childhood and by the man who wrongly took the blame.

Saul’s presence in all these lives brings each one to a dramatic point of change. But who is he and how does he know these things unless he really is an angel?

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