August 2nd 2012
240 pages
demy paperback

How I Killed Margaret Thatcher by Anthony Cartwright

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Judas Iscariot’s here, look. Here comes Judas Iscariot

Nine-year-old Sean has never seen anything like what happens on the day Margaret Thatcher takes power and his grandad discovers his uncle voted for her. So begins the start of a family secret and the end of Sean’s idyllic childhood in the industrial Midlands – until, one day, deciding that someone’s got to stop the train of destruction, he sets out for revenge.

A heartbreaking and timely story of a moment of national crisis as felt by one family, How I Killed Margaret Thatcher delivers a devastating English twist on the dictator novel.

Cartwright’s novel is a bittersweet elegy to Britain’s battered working classes

The Metro

Utterly authentic and a devastating plot

Cathi Unsworth

An impressive novel redolent of a more tender David Peace

The List

Well-written tale of what it was like growing up under Thatcher

Socialist Worker

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