July 24th 2003
288 pages
B-format paperback

Wist by Jackie Gay

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Wist tells the story of Romany and Kate: soul sisters linked by a love of escape and adventure. Street girl Romany is caught up in an Indian romance with the once-bookish Ty – but what unspoken loss makes the icy Himalayas so irresistible to him? – and Kate journeys to the Norfolk coast where the sea-wist sounds beneath Frieda’s outpost home. But disaster, death and mishap intervene – and, as the inextricable threads between the sisters tighten, they must rework their bond in the light of dark truths from their family’s past.

From Tom the one-eyed urban tramp to Nyala who herds the buffalo grazing by her mountainside home … Wist’s engaging characters and thought-provoking themes will delight and challenge, offering a unique perspective on what can happen when ‘the sky falls in on your head’.

Wist has a warm and understanding heart. There are two beautiful young characters connected by chance and by choice. One travels and one stays put, but both make that crucial interior shift which takes them from love to forgiveness, from loss to survival

Liza Cody

A good summer read for travellers

Bookseller, Star Ratings

What I shall remember most is Wist’s tenderness, its painful fidelity to the realities of love and friendship

Jonathan Coe

Wist possesses a tenacious energy and moments of pure, languid lyricism. Prickly and compassionate, Wist propels the reader at its own fierce pace to an unexpected glimpse of tenderness and hope for the future. Jackie Gay is a writer of splendid vitality

Janice Galloway

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