April 3rd 2000
272 pages
B-format paperback

Scapegrace by Jackie Gay

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Scapegrace n. arch.: A mischievous or wayward person, especially a young person or child; a rascal.

Five teenage girls who share everything: clothes, hopes, fears and secrets. But the world is changing as fast as the girls and the group fragments, stirring frightening but exhilarating forces…

Gina is accused of arson, her brother Johnny of dealing drugs

Rose frets over her awakening desires

Alice is disturbed by mysterious spirits

Cora flaunts her self recklessly, and Ellie knows there is more to growing up than all of this.

21 years later Alice, the centre of this group of 70s ‘bad girls’, gives up her struggle to conform and returns home. To find her lost friends, map her own identity and make sense of the intense heat she ran from all those years ago. Jackie Gay’s first novel is a tenderly sardonic account of growing up in the wrong. A fiery mixture of desire, conflict and hard-won outlaw pride.

Scapegrace is strongly atmospheric and the dialogue crackles along; it captures exactly the edgy flavour of being a teenage girl

Jane Rogers

Jackie Gay’s writing is lively and acute and her portrayal of adolescent girls spooky, amusing and believable

Lesley Glaister

Poignant, liberating, wonderfully written, from the visceral intensity of adolescent allegiances to the husband left behind in his green wellies. Birmingham is also evoked in its full glory: whizzing carscape backed by lurid pollution sunsets

Annie Murray

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