May 2nd 2002
224 pages

Her Majesty by Jackie Gay

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A good collection of stories is like a luxurious box of chocolates: variety, texture and surprise. This is one of the most inviting boxes around

Time Out

Melody, more tart than sophisticate, escapes to sunshine with her teacher’s baby… A wild swim triggers hard decisions on a soft day in Connemara… An unlikely wedding breakfast – shared peaches on a roadside on a bright June morning… Two African sisters displaced to a ‘little England’ boarding school… A teenage boy catches sight of love while tending his grandmother’s garden…

Ali Smith, Liza Cody, Amy Prior and Helen Cross, plus fresh, unsung voices from across the UK; here are 21 majestic stories. Adventures of the spirit that illuminate the courage of ordinary people: the everyday splendor of Her Majesty.

This bold, sharp-eyed anthology casts a crystalline light on contemporary lives. Modern dilemmas jostle with ancient themes: fertility, loneliness, survival. Stylish, witty stories from some of the UK’s best women writers told with an energy that will dazzle and delight.

Modern love in 21st century Britain, in all its living, breathing, screaming technicolour. Completely diverse but painfully recognizable characters share their most intimate moments with the reader. Top class writing. Buy it, then buy everyone you love a copy

Laura Hird

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