May 3rd 2012
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What You Don't Know by David Belbin

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Just months after their last investigation, Sarah Bone and Nick Cane are thrust into a brand new, life or death hunt for the truth.

Sarah Bone MP is one of New Labour’s rising stars. She’s making quite a name for herself as prisons minister until she’s pulled out of a debate by the police and accused of her lover’s brutal murder.

Her ex-boyfriend Nick Cane has been out of prison for a year and is trying to make an honest living. He tutors students, works as a drugs counsellor and has a vivacious new girlfriend. Then he gets too close to an intelligent and attractive student living in a care home – and someone tries to silence him. As Nick fights to uncover the mystery surrounding the young student he is drawn back into a world of drugs, violence and betrayal.

Suddenly surprising links start to emerge between Bone and Cane’s separate investigations, drawing them closer to each other and deeper into the Nottingham crime world. But there are secrets they don’t know and hidden enemies who threaten them further. Can they uncover the truth before it’s too late?

Bone and Cane are an appealing pair. Definitely worth seeing what they do next


A compelling story that threw me right back to the 1997 election. Spare, uncompromising and very well written

Nicola Monaghan

David Belbin’s crime novels feature an ambitious Labour MP and her ex-boyfriend, who has just been released from prison after serving a long sentence for drug offences. It is an awkward situation for Sarah Bone, newly appointed prisons minister in Labour’s 1997 government in the opening chapters of What You Don’t Know. Belbin’s novel is fast-paced, combining Westminster intrigue with local politics in Bone’s Nottingham constituency, where her old flame Nick Cane is trying to get his life back on course. Bone’s own problems multiply when her current lover is found dead in his flat in London, and the two plots entwine in a smart novel that recreates the heady atmosphere of Labour’s first months in power.

Joan Smith, Sunday Times

Top ten Crime Reads 2012

Jake Kerridge, Telegraph

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