January 6th 2012

Bone and Cane (paperback) by David Belbin

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Nottingham, 1997. Sarah Bone is a Labour politician with a hidden radical past, about to face the election battle of her life. She also has a radical ex-boyfriend, Nick Cane, just released from prison for growing and selling cannabis. They’re brought together again when Sarah campaigns successfully for the release of Ed Clarke, a wrongfully imprisoned ‘murderer’, only to be sexually assaulted on the night she celebrates his release with him. Is she responsible for a terrible injustice?

Nick’s life is strangely bound up with Ed Clarke’s: inmates in the same prison and now working illegally for the same mini-cab firm. Will the old chemistry spark as Nick and Sarah work together to expose Ed Clarke’s guilt? As the election of a generation heats up, Bone and Cane’s convictions are tested to the limit.

The central duo are an appealing pair, and it’s definitely worth sticking around to see what they do next


A gripping and grown-up page-turner


A compelling story: a real page-turner with fascinating characters – much more than standard genre crime. Incredibly tense and very well written, it threw me right back to Nottingham in the 1990s and that election

Nicola Monaghan

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