October 1st 2005
256 pages
B-Format Paperback
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Meet Me in Mozambique by E. A. Markham

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Globe-trotting Pewter Stapleton is most at home in airports. He sends last-minute postcards worldwide and misses his flights. From childhood on the volcanic island of St Caesare to teenage days studying in Ladbroke Grove, he’s now a university professor in Sheffield. Teased by friends and rivals for his ‘harem’ of students, he books a flight to Mozambique. His mission: to track down the mysterious Colin Retford.

These stories nourish and feed off one another to such an extent that they read like a kaleidoscopic novel that tells, in various voices and from different viewpoints, the lives of Pewter Stapleton and his family and friends … This is a very funny and sometimes moving book, its deadpan wit embedded in almost every line


In defying the rules, Markham has a wonderfully original, eccentric charm … His prose is often quirkily conversational, rather like the musings of an absent-minded professor whose speech is full of playful literary references, private jokes and little epiphanies, and whose memory shifts back and forth


E.A. Markham moves freely between unserious topical references and the serious comedy of metafiction. Whichever it is, it is always beautifully written and, in the end, oriented towards the unknown, the lure of what lies beyond


All are observed with dry humour and eye for detail, and each offers a different account of that most contemporary of experiences – being an exile. Reminiscent of the writings of V. S. Naipaul, these stories are both less literary in form and more relaxed in tone than his work, but are none the worse for that

The Times

Markham uses words with quicksilver fluency: the writing, playful and skilful, lends the intricate stories a dazzling sparkle


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