July 24th 2003
B-format paperback

What Goes Round by Maeve Clarke

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‘Galang!’ Sol said. ‘But yuh can only run fi so long an’ so far before it catch up wid yuh.’

‘Before what catches up with me?’

‘Yuh past Frank.’ Sol smiled, dimples inverted commas in his cheeks and teeth gleaming vampire white against black skin. ‘Yuh past. An’ Rose …’

When Frank returns to Jamaica for Poppa Ben’s funeral, he’s pursued by Rose, an old flame who’s still convinced their destiny is shared. Meanwhile, Jewelle – flummoxed by her daily chores, but seduced by Jamaica’s charm – discovers there’s more to the island than its beauty. What’s ‘dis big people business’ that no-one will tell her about?

For lovers of Caribbean literature, a humorous, character-packed account of a man’s return “back home” to Jamaica with his teenage daughter


Clarke’s combination of poignancy and high drama works well, largely because of the energy of her patois-based prose


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