April 1st 2004
288 pages
B-format paperback

Kiss Me Softly, Amy Turtle by Paul McDonald

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A story about poignant and comic routes out of banality … the prose is refreshing, surprising and comfortable in its own lucid, unpretentious skin

Times Literary Supplement

The will-sapping tedium of life as a Walsall Reflector hack has given Dave “Ichabod” McVane a serious thirst for the devil’s juice. Now, after years of debauchery, the booze has bitten back: what feels like a rhinoceros is buffeting its way through his stomach. He wakes cathetered and bed-bound among deranged “regulars” in a hospital with a terrifyingly high mortality rate. And if that wasn’t bad enough, a figure from a past he’d rather forget revisits . . . to leave Dave reeling, raddled with paranoia and facing a scalpel-happy surgeon.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on how he got in such a state. Was it the Walsall Academy of New Knowledge or the sideline in “specialist” leatherwork? Or was it having a Smiths fan called Ringo for a best friend, and hookers for next-door-neighbours? Is closing time being called once and for all, or will the pall of his disillusionment suddenly lift?

This is the most fun I’ve had all year – fast paced, witty, and surprisingly moving. Great fun from a distinctive Midlands voice – Paul McDonald has done the impossible: he’s made Walsall funny

Patrick Thompson

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  1. I read this a couple of years ago and highly recommend it. Simply written, fast-paced and hilarious a real page turner.

    Stefan Grindley — 15th September 2009

  2. Thanks Stefan - you should love "Do I Love You?" then - his sequel about Northern Soul obsessives

    Luke Brown — 17th September 2009

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