October 4th 2001
224 pages
B-format paperback

Surviving Sting by Paul McDonald

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‘Ace Face’ wannabe Dave ‘Mac’ McVane think he’s got it made. At the Friday night disco luscious Joolz, the most shaggable girl in Walsall, invites him to her home on the notorious Jerome K. Jerome estate. But will the woman of his dreams and a ‘real’ saddlemaker’s job in the Happy Stallion make Mac the man he wants to be?

Take a cast list that includes demented Billy-Bob and his twizzler parents, sociopathic Tezza, a boy named Sue, and Brainy Kev, red-wine drinker and swot. Add a pet scorpion and an overdressed Yorkshire terrier to this Black Country brew, vintage 1979, and a pacy comic nightmare takes over.

A crazy week of sex, violence and betrayal gives a hilarious new twist of realism to this intelligent evocation of growing up fast in ‘the ugliest town in the country’.

Oh, and someone gets a duffel-coat toggle rammed up his nose.

Surviving Sting a tale of love, violence and an eponymous scorpion, set in late-Seventies Walsall, is a wholly unpretentious, humorous and easy read

The Times

With its grotesque but entirely believable characters, vigorous dialogue and gloriously preposterous situations, this savagely comic tale zips along. After the Art Gallery, something else Walsall might justifiably brag about

Michael Richardson, prize-winning author of The Pig Bin

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  1. I have to read this book at least once a year, it's so funny, scary and real! Why has it not been made into a, Rita, Sue and Bob too, type tv film? Well done Paul MacDonald.

    David Jackson — 24th March 2010

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