May 9th 2002
256 pages
B-format paperback

Jakarta Shadows by Alan Brayne

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There are echoes of Graham Greene in this stylish, thought-provoking thriller that reeks of the damp heat, violence and corruption of Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia. The city is edgy after the fall of Soeharto, the country engulfed in religious strife and urban violence. Most westerners have fled. Not rootless, disenchanted Graham Young.

But after a skin-crawling encounter in the Hotel Platinum, Graham is caught up in Detective Suprianto’s investigation of a rash of mysterious sex killings. As Jakarta closes in, Graham becomes further alienated from the sterile comforts of ex-pat life – neither East nor West offers solace. Gin’s soft focus eludes him and terror surfaces even on cloudless Bali.

Sidestepping sinister forces, Graham slides from a glitzy mall buzzing with would-be rich to the Moonbeam for pool games with ‘butterflies of the night’. A thumbprint in blood and malevolent interrogation rachet up his paranoia. Around every corner loom the shadows of treachery and unspoken guilt.

A sense of unease permeates this atmospheric thriller, set in unstable Indonesia, where nothing is what it seems, and no one can be trusted. The plot twists and turns, taking in murder, betrayal and corruption before reaching its unsettling conclusion

Christopher Harris

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