October 3rd 2002
240 pages
B-format paperback

The Executioner's Art by David Fine

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‘It is clear that death was far from instantaneous. It would have taken many minutes, if not an hour or more to inflict damage to the skin sufficient to allow an apposite loss of blood.’ Royal Hallamshire University Hospital: Post-Mortem Report

Who is the man sandblasted to death? The police investigate, and DS Singleterry’s department destroys evidence and lies to the press. This offhand attitude towards justice – and the murder’s sheer brutality – impel Dr Tilt towards a funeral on Stillgate Hill. ‘Why did you come?’ he asks the other mourner. ‘I had to make sure he was dead,’ is the reply.

Thirty years of hiding have buried nothing.

Can retribution ever erase the suffering of past injustice? Where is the difference between victim and murderer? And what is this strange sculpture in flesh?

Just some of the harrowing questions raised by David Fine’s impressive debut, set in Sheffield – a city of steel where rivers disappear.

Rich, gothic prose and a hard-boiled urban crime story

Gareth Creer

Edgy and dark… An uncomfortable, bleak but compelling read, with a real sense of place and atmosphere

Danuta Reah

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