September 27th 2007
352 pages
Paperback original

By the Tide of Humber by Daphne Glazer

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New Year’s Eve. Lyn, a lifeguard at Beverley Road Baths, is fending off the monotony of another ‘Early Birds’ shift. But soon a chance encounter with prison officer Eddie will spark an intense affair. The fate of her former lover, one of Eddie’s charges, and the presence of his wife and daughter, hang over the couple – forcing Lyn to examine her life’s direction. As their passion grows, it brings to the surface Lyn’s long-hidden feelings about her mother’s death by drowning and – given her father’s stubborn silence – focuses her on an audacious physical challenge. From the windswept dunes of Spurn Point, Lyn pits herself against the Humber’s fierce tides. This absorbing modern love story has at its heart the fortitude of a young woman as she faces life’s toughest turns.

This is a fine book. Daphne Glazer is such a good writer, with a wonderful sense of character and place

David Almond

Daphne Glazer is a sensitive and observant writer. With unfailing sympathy, she records the foibles and vulnerabilities of her characters, and creates a totally believable world that captures the rhythms and tenor of the lives of “ordinary people”, who are of course far from ordinary

Carol Birch

Daphne Glazer’s characters are written from the inside out and quickly get under your skin as you find yourself rooting for her heroine in her bid to challenge herself physically and psychologically. An uplifting novel with a vivid sense of place

Kitty Fitzgerald

Prison officers comment on the authenticity of By the Tide of Humber:

I was on bed-watch, and I started reading it. Couldn’t put it down . . . it’s my story . . . this really happened to me

I’ve never read anything about a prison officer’s life that captures it so well. I really thought the hostage taking was good. When you see it on T.V., they drag it out – and it’s not like that at all

It was spot on . . . I mean, it’s how it is . . . I was looking at this prison drama on T.V. the other night and there were a lot of inaccuracies . . . and I thought, whoever’s written this, hasn’t a clue and I lost interest completely and switched over

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