May 1st 2006
176 pages
B-Format Paperback
0 9547913 9 8

Mark II by Chris Farnell

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Assured, lively and honest: Mark II is a very bright debut by a young novelist

John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Phil still calls for his best friend every day on his way to school, despite Mark’s recent death. Then one morning Mark is back: a clone created by Laz-R-Us™. Without Phil to teach Mark II the basics of life – the proper way to wear a school shirt and tie, why it’s best not to back-chat playground bullies, that perhaps he’s not good enough for footy practice – he seems unlikely to survive, let alone convince anyone he really is Mark. But soon they feel like best mates again, hanging out doing everyday stuff together . . . until an awful accident makes us realise that no one’s heard the last of Mark I, or the odd circumstances behind his death.

Told with teenage energy, Mark II takes a deft, witty approach to mortality and grief. Philosophical, accessible and intriguing, it also has strong appeal for adult readers.

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