August 1st 2007
288 pages
B-Format Paperback
97809551384 47

Little Moscow by Mick Scully

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The Little Moscow, a shady basement bar at the side of the Grand Union canal in Birmingham, stamping ground for thieves, gangsters and conmen – plus some of the city’s more glamorous creatures. Blue-skinned Nathan, a hardknock tattooist, refuses to pay Crawford’s protection racket. Nearby, a refugee from Middle Eastern wars finds a body hanging from a lamppost and becomes entangled with a goodtime girl called Veronica and an apartment decorated with abstract art. Roles get reversed, debts get claimed and colours collide – while two would-be Andy Warhols make away with incriminating evidence.

An acutely intelligent writer with a style that can deal with murder and rape, but is also capable of deft comedy. Scully is working a fresh seam in the fiction of the inner city, and it will be fascinating to see what he does next


Mick Scully’s interconnecting stories are poignant, pacy vignettes that merge into one brilliant portrait of a city on the make. He has a fine eye for human frailty, a wry compassion for the doomed and a meticulous ear for dialogue that renders all of these characters vividly real. Somebody buy him a drink


You want it down and dirty? Up the arse or right between the eyes? Then Scully’s your man

John Harvey

Mick Scully is a dark new talent. Little Moscow is full of shocking stories with characters who are disturbingly familiar

Jake Arnott

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