March 13th 2008
240 pages
B-Format Paperback
97809551384 3 0

All The Dogs by Daniel Bennett

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The allure of Herointown beckons as Monkey returns to his Shropshire birthplace. The red brick castle, the market stalls, the curves of the river: all resonate with memories of a drug-filled past. Tired of his waywardness, his mother has made a new life, and so must Monkey. Hidden in the hills on the outskirts of town, he finds a mansion where a yellow greyhound skulks on the steps. This rural squat becomes his home – and, in a makeshift ecstasy factory, his workplace too. While shunning the power struggles of his housemates, he is surprised by his connection with local girl Jenn and begins to plot a tricky escape. In this stirring debut Bennett compellingly evokes the mood of modern England as he combines the beauty of its countryside with the atmosphere of a community in disarray.

All the Dogs is a stirring debut, a compellingly written tract on the importance of finding a place on the earth. Shot through with sadness, it is a plea against smallness: of thought, of ambition, of outlook, of soul. A new and welcome talent is here

Niall Griffiths

All the Dogs will resonate with anyone tired of the hypocrisy surrounding our nation’s chemical hobbies. With flashes of poetic description and unflinching explorations of modern relationships, Bennett leavens his dark tale with tenderness and deadpan humour

Joolz Denby

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